I knew back in 2015 when rereading my travel journal that my dog Pretor will become an important element of The Spirit Journey and (for a while at least) grace with his presence, the pages of this story...  But let me start from the beginning. Back in those younger...

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Christa, Wieczór, Egmont

When taking high-resolution photos of Christa's illustrations for The Spirit Journey, I noticed that old strips in Wieczór Wybrzeża differ slightly from Egmont's albums. I understand that those subtleties will not be that important for an average collector who enjoys...

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How did it all started?

Since the 19th of July is Janusz Christas 87th birthday, I am inviting you to another instalment of the artist’s life story. Last year’s “Star Wars” episode (The Spirit Journey, pages 148 - 159), shed light on the mystery surrounding the similarities between George...

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As with many teenagers, I had dreams of becoming a musician. Back in Poland, the romantic songs of Marek Grechuta, the rock band Czerwone Gitary, and the haunting melodies of Czesław Niemen had a huge impact on me.   My musical inspirations continued in Canada. In the...

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"Day 42. After paddling all day I spotted several caribou crossing the river. They take no notice of me, then upon reaching the other shore, they disappear into thick vegetation. By late evening I hear loud barking and spot several Huskies peering at me from the...

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A Portal to the Spirit World

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the next part of The Spirit Journey. Whew! Now we enter “the heart” of our stor In writing A Portal to the Spirit World, my intention has been to stay true to my real life adventures. Sometimes these memories have been disturbing,...

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