As with many teenagers, I had dreams of becoming a musician. Back in Poland, the romantic songs of Marek Grechuta, the rock band Czerwone Gitary, and the haunting melodies of Czesław Niemen had a huge impact on me.   My musical inspirations continued in Canada. In the...

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"Day 42. After paddling all day I spotted several caribou crossing the river. They take no notice of me, then upon reaching the other shore, they disappear into thick vegetation. By late evening I hear loud barking and spot several Huskies peering at me from the...

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A Portal to the Spirit World

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the next part of The Spirit Journey. Whew! Now we enter “the heart” of our stor In writing A Portal to the Spirit World, my intention has been to stay true to my real life adventures. Sometimes these memories have been disturbing,...

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The night before Christmas

Ah, what a year it has been! One that we are glad to see finally coming to a close. COVID-19, wearing face masks, social distancing, and the tragedy of so many deaths - will forever be associated with 2020.  My wife and I, have maintained self isolation at our...

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Into the wild

I left home in the summer of 1980, assuring my parents that I would return to Vancouver in the autumn. I told them I would be camping for the summer with friends. However, I kept secret that those friends would drive me all the way into the Yukon Territory from where...

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Preparing for the journey (3)

In 1979 I graduated from high school and was both physically and mentally ready to embark on an adventure to the Yukon. However, such an expedition needed a lot of money for provisions and "survival" equipment (namely the Winchester rifle, expedition sleeping bag and...

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