Letting the cat out of the bag.

One winter's evening in '74 I couldn't wait to tell my parents that I had just met Janusz Christa and that we had even chatted about my collection. (As mentioned in my first blog: "The prophecy"). So I put the large volume of "Kajtek Majtek" on the kitchen table, and...

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Hauling the treasure

By the end of 1974 my Kajtek and Koko collection is full. I have gathered close to 7,000 strips from all series by Christa, dating from 1958 (including the very first few of Kajko and Kokosz). Most of the series are "just in case" duplicates. My room has become...

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International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women's Day. It is a perfect opportunity to honour the wonderful women that have graced my life. Thank you! This pink post may raise eyebrows (for those gritty fans that like intense adventures, mystery and challenging spiritual quests). I...

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A crisis unfolding

These days we live in a world of smoke. Nearby Mt. Franklin is now obscured, the sun and the moon are both red. Everyone and everything around us is waiting in suspense, for a time when fire comes through. On the home front, our survival drill is in place, water pumps...

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