I knew back in 2015 when rereading my travel journal that my dog Pretor will become an important element of The Spirit Journey and (for a while at least) grace with his presence, the pages of this story… 

But let me start from the beginning.

Back in those younger days in Canada (as an 18-year old), I needed a companion on my travels and no better candidate for such a position than a good dog. Now, I was looking for a strong husky that could handle the wilderness the way I could. But it was a German Shorthaired Pointer that has found me!

He was a noble-looking and adorable puppy, and in a way, he chose me! I remember being surrounded by a family of husky puppies and suddenly felt a tug on my leg. Looking down, I saw a small white and brown bowl of fur snarling softly and holding my shoelace in his mouth. I picked him up, looked him in the eye, and … that was it!

That little ball of fur grew up to be an amazing dog! His energy was endless, his devotion to me unwavering, and boy, was he smart! He basically had me wrapped around his… pow, from the very start.

His name “Pretor” came to me in a dream, and like the praetorian guards in ancient Rome, he too was my protector in many dangerous encounters… but wait, this you’ll find out in The Spirit Journey.

Pretor traveled with me beyond the wilds of the Yukon and even studied art at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver. He was, without a doubt, the most talented student in the sculpture program that year! 






Pretor at Long BeachHe lived a good, long life and witnessed many of my changes – from a starry-eyed teenager to a mature young man. When our life paths finally departed, I was devastated. But from the perspective of time, I can see that Pretor knew when to go. His passing gave me the freedom to make life choices and travel to places where he couldn’t go.

Excerpt from my journal, Yandoit, Australia 2021