About Janusz Christa

Janusz Christa was born on July 19, 1934 in Wilno, Poland (now in Lithuania). After the war, his family moved to Sopot, where Janusz attended a local school.

He made his debut as a graphic artist in 1956. Two years later his first cartoon strip of “Kajtek-Majtek” was published in Wieczór Wybrzeża newspaper. Later, “Kajtek and Koko” series began and ran daily from 1961 – 1972. Following the success of “Kajtek and Koko”, he created “Kajko and Kokosz” series that were illustrated not only for Wieczór Wybrzeża, but also for other newspapers around the country. His career abruptly ended at the age of 55.

He died on November 15, 2008, leaving a legacy of 4,700 comic strips, 700 story boards and hundreds of ink and water colour illustrations. Today over 40 titles of his comics are in circulation, totalling 10 million copies. Both series of “Kajtek and Koko” and “Kajko and Kokosz”, have created a cult following. Nowadays, Christa’s cartoon heroes enjoy popularity worldwide and at home in Poland among young and old readers alike.

Christa at his home
in Sopot, around 1995

To find out more about Janusz Christa and his creative output, visit: https://na-plasterki.blogspot.com

Christa’s comics (published by Egmont):