Kajtek and Koko are back from retirement!

  • Happy 90th birthday, dear Janusz!
  • Thank you to my readers who, over the months had asked me, how our search for a new home in Tasmania is going.
    I have good news for all of you: we found the perfect place, and we are already settling in. I invite you to watch my recent short film Morning with Ashika, where I share my simple and peaceful lifestyle and shed inside on how I create “The Spirit Journey” in Tasmania.

    Morning with Ashika             

Their amazing new adventures are published here, on The Spirit Journey site. The story is being released every Monday, two pages at a time.

The Spirit Journey is based on my real life expeditions, and in the Blog, I will share never before seen pages from my travel journal – that is a personal diary kept for over 45 years.

I dedicate this site to the legacy of Janusz Christa, who nurtured the seeds of adventure in a young boy from Sopot, Poland. I hope you’ll enjoy it!