Kajtek and Koko are back from retirement!

With Australia now open from lockdown, we’re taking summer vacations and driving from one end of the continent to another. Quite a journey! And since we will be away from any internet connection at times, we won’t be posting two weekly “The Spirit Journey” pages during this trip. Meanwhile, don’t forget to read our “On holidays, 2023” blog and see you again in July!

Their amazing new adventures are published here, on The Spirit Journey site. The story is being released every Monday, two pages at a time.

The Spirit Journey is based on my real life expeditions, and in the Blog, I will share never before seen pages from my travel journal – that is a personal diary kept for over 45 years.

I dedicate this site to the legacy of Janusz Christa, who nurtured the seeds of adventure in a young boy from Sopot, Poland. I hope you’ll enjoy it!