About Ashika

Ashika (Marek Ostapkowicz) was born on June 21, 1959 in Sopot, Poland. He became a passionate collector of Kajtek and Koko, and in 1974 met their author Janusz Christa a few months before emigrating to Canada. That meeting sparked a life long desire to be “an artist like Mr. Christa”.

Ashika’s journey to Canada’s frozen North, is only one  segment from his life’s adventures, and much more awaits, as The Spirit Journey unfolds in it’s weekly segments.

Padma and Ashika at their
studio in the bushland of
Australia, 2017

He and his wife, Padma, have created Embrace Art Studio in the bushland of central Victoria, Australia. It is where they make art, and find inspiration from living close to nature. The best part of their day is to enjoy the company of each other, their animals, and… Kajtek and Koko.

Just another day at my studio… working on a commissioned stone seat for the Royal Botanical Gardens in Melbourne.

Ashika is a stone sculptor by trade, martial artist, and committed advocate for protection of the environment. However his other passion is in developing cartoons in the manner of Janusz Christa.

Ashika and his latest sculpture: Healing Stone (basalt and gold leaf), 2018

Taking daily breaks from his ‘heavy work’ to illustrate his life story (with the help of his two cartoon companions), gives him great pleasure. His fondest wish is that The Spirit Journey delights his readers and sparks their imagination as well.

To view Ashika and Padma’s gallery, please visit: https://www.embraceart.com.