Happy 88th birthday Mr. Christa!

Dear readers of “The Spirit Journey”!

For several years I have been trying to prepare something special for Christy’s birthday. Three years ago, on his 85th anniversary, I began publishing The Spirit Journey comic book. Two years ago, I celebrated Janusz’s birthday with the episode “Christa -Lucas” https://thespiritjourney.net/w-kosmosie-star-wars/  page 148 – 159, chapter 1 Into the wild), and last year with stripes “How did it all started?” https://thespiritjourney.net/how-did-it-all-started/ ‎(page 251 – 269, chapter 2 A portal to the spirit world).

And what awaits us on Christa’s birthday this year? “Artist and Muse”!

Suddenly they felt the presence of a beautiful muse in the room again!

In this episode, Kajtek and Koko will have a strange dream in which they visit Christa in his apartment in Sopot in 1981. Janusz will share the “blessings and curses” of his creative process (and other surprising revelations). “Artist and the Muse” will run until August (pp. 352 – 366, chapter 2 “Portal to the Invisible World”), so Janusz Christa’s fans will have two months of fun!



Excerpt from my journal, Yandoit, Australia 2022.