Padma and I are sitting on a small bench by the pond, overlooking our bushland property in Yandoit. It is evening, and the light is magical! The setting sun’s golden rays sweep across grey greens of eucalyptus trees. We sit in silence, listening to songbirds, before all goes quiet for the night. 

We have the same thought, (as usual): how blessed we are to live here, in nature, away from city noises, crowds and… the Corona-19 pandemic.

At the start of this year we survived the dreadful Australian bushfire season. Now that we are in winter, cooler weather brings a relief after the stress of summer. Traditionally this time invites celebration, by relaxing fire vigilance. However,  with Corona things never got back to normal. State of Victoria is now in total lock down, and the city of Melbourne (some 2.5 hours away from us) is in quarantine shut down for over a month now.

But thanks to our meditation practise, our attention has shifted from external influences, to a more internal dialogue. We turn the volume down on scared, chattering of the mind. We find that our energy is best served by self reflection, self awareness, generosity and expressions of  gratitude.

We continue to create art, and have noticed changes that are occurring in our artistic expression during isolation. My beloved Padma has recently completed two videos for youtube. Both are well worth having a look: 

Om Mani Padme Hum    


The Spirit Journey comic is going really well, and the luxury of spending whole days on my beloved project is almost… intoxicating! Now I am working on the second chapter, which will be ready for publication in the middle of next year (if everything goes to plan).

But now, it is time to walk home. I still need to make a bowl of porridge for our wild resident, (little wallaby kangaroo, that comes for a visit every night), but after that, it’s a quiet night for just me and Padma. Yes! 

Be kind to each other, stay safe and healthy… specially now, as we are all vulnerable while returning to “normality” and so called ”business as usual”.

Excerpt from my journal, Yandoit, Australia 2020.


Our world “down under”, reflected in the pond…

…and my life mirrored in The Spirit Journey.