A crisis unfolding

These days we live in a world of smoke. Nearby Mt. Franklin is now obscured, the sun and the moon are both red.

Everyone and everything around us is waiting in suspense, for a time when fire comes through. On the home front, our survival drill is in place, water pumps checked and rechecked, vegetation close to the house has been cleared and raked. Our air masks and fire suits are hanging by the door, ready!

During this waiting period, we keep indoors due to the smoke outside. So, we have time on our hands and are using that time to create works supporting organisations that protect injured wildlife. The fires have effected people and animals in our state and much of Australia.

Padma and I believe that art is a powerful means for helping, when help is needed. She has begun a long term project for creating funds. It will be a 2021 calendar depicting some of the native species that lost their mums and habitat in the fires. Padma’s art will express a beautiful and moving message. I’ll be announcing more on the calendar as it develops.

   “Little Treasure”, by Padma for the 2021 calendar.

The proceeds from my next water sculpture will go to the Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation https://www.wires.org.au.

Also, Padma is using her sewing skills, to stitch soft pouches for baby kangaroos, wombats, echidnas, sugar gliders and bats. She recently joined an international craft guild. Their FB page is Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild https://www.facebook.com/groups/arfsncrafts/. See also:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTeTIsnAsSc.

  Bats in pouches.

The time of need is now.

Excerpt from my journal, 2020, Yandoit, Australia