The Spirit Journey, soon in hard copy!

An official announcement.
Four In the Morning Productions (based in Hobart, Tasmania), is proud to announce our first printing of the comic adventures of Kajtek and Koko titled: The Spirit Journey –  book 1: Into the Wild. This first volume will be available in Australia and New Zealand from 19th July, 2024.
The premiere of the highly anticipated autobiographical cartoon (by the renowned adventurist, martial artist and, accomplished sculptor Ashika (Marek Ostapkowicz), will be launched in person by the author at Hobart’s Comics Emporium on July 19, 2024 from 7’clock! Mark this date! Don’t miss out!! Seats are limited!!!
The author states: Book one starts in early 1970s, in communist Poland, with a prophecy uttered by Janusz Christa to his cartoon characters – Kajtek and Koko! From then on, the two friends came to life, flying towards amazing adventures, that take them into the wilds of the Canadian Yukon and then… . Wait! The publisher requested that I keep it zipped not to spoil the plot… hmm, sorry! 
The first book: Into the Wild, has also many extras, including unpublished pages of Ashika’s travel journal, illustrations and personal observations of his adventures (that Kajtek and Koko have endured during The Spirit Journey). As a bonus we will share some of Ashika’s collection of Christa’s never before seen original drawings (which is undoubtedly the biggest assemblage of the artist’s work outside of Poland).