How did it all started?

Since the 19th of July is Janusz Christas 87th birthday, I am inviting you to another instalment of the artist’s life story.

Last year’s “Star Wars” episode (The Spirit Journey, pages 148 – 159), shed light on the mystery surrounding the similarities between George Lucas’s films and Christa’s much earlier published odyssey – “W kosmosie”. 

This year, I have received requests from fans asking: “how did it all started?” So, we will be looking in-depth at the very early days of Christa’s cartooning career and the growing popularity of Kajko and Kokosz. Kajtek and Koko have a lot to say about those early days, so be prepared!

These stories are mostly based  on my memories and observations, in addition to the accounts in a wonderful book by Krzysztof Janicz and Kamil Śmiałkowski: “Janusz Christa – written confessions” .

I would like to thank both authors for engaging and inspiring reading, based on the stories of Janusz Christa, father of Kajtek and Koko (and of course Kajko and Kokosz). This book allowed me to better understand the “landscape” that shaped the life and work of this exceptional artist.

I have no doubt that my new story, will raise some eyebrows, but as the saying goes  “there are two sides to every coin”. But wait…, what am I hearing? Yes, Kajtek and Koko are about to start their tale… . Are you ready…, are you sitting down?

All the best wishes for your 87th birthday Janusz!

Excerpt from my journal, Yandoit, Australia 2021.