In Polish!

Dear Polish readers!

I have been inundated with your requests to start writing The Spirit Journey (Wewnętrzna podróż) in Polish for several years now. However, I protected myself against this idea by not being fluent in my native language. Ultimately, however, thinking about other Polish fans of Kajtek and Koko who may not know English, I decided to finally put aside any such feeble arguments… and now start writing The Spirit Journey simultaneously in English and Polish.

I know some of you will now be asking for translations of this story from the beginning. Yes, maybe in time, I will face the translation of the first chapter of Into the Wild … but will I be able to achieve it with my time-consuming sculptural work – time will tell.

So I invite you to join me (and my two favorite characters of Janusz Christa) in the second chapter of The Spirit Journey – Portal to the Spirit World (Portal do niewidzialnego świata), which will start on December 1 in Polish.