We’re starting again!

Now relaxed and rested, I am ready to continue the tale of my Spirit Journey. The last seven months on the road have been a blast; feeling the wind in our hair again (forgive me, Koko) and the sun on our skin was intoxicating! The familiar, carefree way that had always been a part of my youth is back! Although life’s ongoing responsibilities and demands started knocking on the door just as soon as we got home (my sculpture commissions are piling up and Padma’s new book is about to be published), we have promised ourselves to take off into nature at least once a year to “recharge our batteries”! But wait! What…? I hear the drumbeat! Yes! It’s time to honor Janusz’s 89th birthday! And in celebration of this happy occasion, I invite you to join Kajtek and Koko in the continuation of their Yukon adventure. Enjoy the third chapter of this ongoing story here! And to continue the celebration, I would like to inform Christa’s fans that a new series of stamps was released this month. Australian Post has published a collection of “Polish Masters of Comics” – highly talented creators and artists, including Wacław Drozdowski, Marian Walentynowicz, Zbigniew Lengren, Papcio Chmiel… …and of course No. 1 Master of this series – our beloved Christa! But stop, there is more:  the second series, also released this month, is of “Famous Heroes of J. Christa”. Yes, yes…, I know that last year Poland issued a miniature sheet on Kajko and Kokosz to commemorate their 50th Anniversary, but I was wondering where is one commemorating Kajtek and Koko?!!! But now, thanks to Australian Post, it’s all taken care of:  I wonder if some of you are old enough to recognize where those two post stamp illustrations come from. So here is a hint: “Entertainer”, Wieczór Wybrzeża 1959 and post-war 50 złotych banknote.

Happy Birthday, dear Janusz! May you live in our hearts and memories forever!

Excerpt from my journal, Yandoit, Australia, 2023.