The night before Christmas

Ah, what a year it has been! One that we are glad to see finally coming to a close. COVID-19, wearing face masks, social distancing, and the tragedy of so many deaths - will forever be associated with 2020.  My wife and I, have maintained self isolation at our...

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Into the wild

I left home in the summer of 1980, assuring my parents that I would return to Vancouver in the autumn. I told them I would be camping for the summer with friends. However, I kept secret that those friends would drive me all the way into the Yukon Territory from where...

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Preparing for the journey (3)

In 1979 I graduated from high school and was both physically and mentally ready to embark on an adventure to the Yukon. However, such an expedition needed a lot of money for provisions and "survival" equipment (namely the Winchester rifle, expedition sleeping bag and...

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Preparing for the journey (2)

My younger years in Vancouver, were marked by a life changing event. It happened while learning English in New Canadian class in 1977. One day I heard that a pilot program was being offered, for a small, select group of students, to an outdoor educational course...

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Padma and I are sitting on a small bench by the pond, overlooking our bushland property in Yandoit. It is evening, and the light is magical! The setting sun's golden rays sweep across grey greens of eucalyptus trees. We sit in silence, listening to songbirds, before...

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W kosmosie/Star Wars

Now that Kajtek and Koko are lazily rowing down the mighty Porcupine River, there is time for me to tell you a story which will shed light on the mystery of four decades ... but wait a moment, let's start with solid facts. It is 1977, Vancouver, Canada. My girlfriend...

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